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Affordable Data & Network Cabling Solutions – Consultancy, Design & Installation

K12 Solutions is a leading provider of data networks, cabling solutions and communication systems installations.

One of the most critically important areas in workplace technology today is also one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated: Data & Network Cabling. K12 Solutions specializes in Category 3, 5e, and 6 data cabling. Whether commercial, warehouse, industrial, residential, or a high rise construction site, we can optimize your project for the lowest cost by offering the most appropriate, quality products from hundreds of data cabling manufacturers worldwide to meet your budgetary and performance needs.

Professional Guidance is Prudent

As with most other areas of technology, the rapid changes in cabling and networking equipment have made it challenging for users to keep up with best practices. The growth of applications and new technologies drives the need for higher-value and higher-performance cabling. Data & network cabling must meet the needs of today's multi-function printer, and streaming video applications as well as preparing for current and future bandwidth intensive applications. Cabling missteps can cripple an organization for years. It is imperative for not only current needs, but future growth as well, that technology officers avail themselves of professional data cabling experts in order to lay an appropriate, solid foundation that will not constrain or delay future organizational growth.

Change is Inevitable

All organizations experience change. Moving or adding staff or even moving locations is to be expected within any organization. Moves, adds and changes (MACs) to multi function printing devices, computers, and other network devices can prove to be costly and disruptive to any business. Most modern IT organizations are burdened just keeping up with day-to-day operational needs. The additional workload precipitated by MACs can often overload existing resources creating unnecessary stress and causing costly mistakes. Sufficient planning must be done in order to assure a seamless, efficient, and cost effective move each time the needs of your business change. Involving the assistance of K12 network professionals assures you of a thorough analysis and a complete assessment of cabling needs for each move you make, while eliminating the counter-productive stress experienced without the resources provided by K12 Solutions. The incorporation of our expertise prevents costly delays or cabling re-works due to common errors and oversights in the process of transitioning network resources.

Choices Are Many

When faced with changes that affect network equipment, location, and space, the amount of information necessary to make good decisions is often daunting. Should you use CAT5e, CAT6, or something else? Do you need to spend the extra money necessary to purchase cable that is plenum rated, or not? What type of switching equipment will be necessary? Is branding important? How many drops will be needed in each location? Will you need one or more IDFs (Intermediate Distribution Frames) due to run lengths? These questions and many more, will need to be addressed for a successful project implementation. Allow K12 solutions to take the guesswork out of your planning by identifying and addressing questions relevant to your unique project. The experts at K12 Solutions can assure that your wiring implementation is a successful one from start to finish.

Success is Assured

Call today for a free project assessment and get your wiring changes and challenges under control the stress-free way!


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