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All private and public sector organizations (businesses, schools, federal/state/local governments, etc.) face increasing challenges when configuring and deploying new PC’s and workstations in a distributed environment. Having a deployment solution that enables them to use a standard configuration for a new machine will significantly decrease support expenses.

K12 Solutions has a solution to address this need. Acronis Snap Deploy is a comprehensive deployment solution that enables organizations to deploy new PCs and workstations quickly and easily. Using disk-imaging technology that creates a copy of an entire hard disk drive, including the operating system and all applications, it is ideal for rapid bare-metal installations of PCs and workstations.




Deploy a PC with Acronis Snap Deploy for PCs in 4 easy steps:

1. Create a standard configuration image, including the operating system, applications, and other settings.
2. Create bootable media.
3. Boot the bare PCs you want to deploy with the bootable media, or PXE, enabling the bare systems to connect to the main deployment server.
4. Deployment server begins transfer of the standard configuration to the bare system. Systems are deployed when the transferred image is applied to the target system and the system is booted for the first time. No installation of the operating system or applications is required - the image contains everything the system needs to run.

Data Sheet
Acronis Universal Deploy1
Ensure that your new systems will boot by allowing you to add drivers
and create templates for specific hardware
New media builder
Facilitate deployment by providing more options for creating bootable media.
You can create ISOs, Microsoft Remote Installation Service (RIS) packages,
and place multiple configurations on one CD
64-Bit Window Support
Customizable deployment options

Deploy both new and older systems using one solution
Maximize the performance of new machines by allowing partitions to be
resized. Ensure that machines are properly deployed by providing options to
reboot or shutdown after the master image is applied
Enhanced PXE server
More easily create a PXE by specifying default configurations and
timeout parameters for rebooting new systems
Disk imaging deployment
Fast deployment of new systems because the product enables users to
create an image of a system that includes the operating system and applications
Pre  deployment utilities
Easily configure system settings such as network settings,
domain/workgroup settings, computer name, user name, and Security
Identifier (SID), by applying them to an image before deployment
Minimize deployment time by sending image simultaneously to multiple machines
Remote boot of server
Wizard driven Graphical User
Interface (GUI)

Easy to use
Image protection
Keep the wrong people out
Flexible licensing
Easier deployment
Allows users to re-deploy their own systems


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