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K12 Solutions can make locating, applying for, and winning applicable grants a much less frustrating and time consuming process and a much more profitable one for your company. Why waste countless hours of your company’s valuable time researching and applying for grants only to be rejected due to the efforts of well meaning, but inexperienced grant writers? Professional grant writers at K12 Solutions will take the time to patiently and meticulously interview appropriate individuals within your company. They will ascertain both company needs, as well as eligibility criteria for available grants, to create a company Grant Profile. Using state of the art research methods, K12 professionals will then scour current grant offerings to match existing opportunities to your individual Grant Profile. Once K12 Solutions has located the best possible matches, our grant writers can then begin the application process on your behalf.

While obtaining grants is a worthy and beneficial goal, the path to acquiring grant funding is often cumbersome and fraught with pitfalls. As you may have learned from experience, without the guidance of a trusted professional, the process can be a fruitless exercise that leaves you exhausted and none the better off financially. K12 Solutions’ experienced staff will address each aspect of the grant application process thoroughly and professionally, giving you the greatest possible opportunity to realize benefit from each grant applied for. We will also clearly communicate the grant criteria to you prior to submitting any application. You will be made aware of any matching funds required, mandatory staffing, commitment to longevity, or other obligations imposed on your company in order to qualify for grant monies.

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