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Desktop Monitoring Overview

Desktop management is a resource intensive and time consuming task. These activities are often repetitive and disliked by most technicians. Desktop down time decreases employee productivity making timely desktop maintenance critical . Though categorized as mundane work, most service providers would agree that desktop maintenance can keep their technicians booked for hours on low margin tasks, greatly affecting the bottom line.

K12 Solutions offers the perfect blend of RMM software and Back Office services for desktops. Taking advantage of the Total Desktop Care Plus program, which includes world class Remote Monitoring and Management Tools bundled with Back Office Services. K12 Solutions sees an average reduction of 40% of time spent providing maintenance and troubleshooting common desktop issues. Leveraging the K12 Solutions Desktop Services, labor intensive tasks can still be performed without monopolizing your engineers’ time.

Desktops can account for over 60 to 80% of the “noise” created on a network. While desktop problems are not normally as complex as servers, unless caused by servers, they can be time consuming to troubleshoot and resolve. Factor in the associated costs and Desktops can be very low margin, sometimes even negative margin. By providing proactive maintenance and regular monitoring checks, many desktop problems can be avoided or at least partially addressed proactively.


  • Customize CPU, free space, and RAM monitors
  • Create Event Log searches to find common problems as soon as they occur
  • Configure once. Deploy to all
  • On-demand executive summary reports
  • Monthly executive summary reports
  • Monthly executive details reports
  • Desktop antivirus at no additional cost
  • Discounted server antivirus licenses
  • Affordable enterprise solution
  • VIPRE Enterprise includes both antivirus and antispyware protection
  • Whitelisting patch service by K12 Solutions’ Back Office
  • Automatic Microsoft Security Patch deployment
  • Schedule any Microsoft patch, service patch or software update through K12 Solutions’ Patch Deployment or Job Deployment engines
  • Weekly Patch Assessments and Reporting
  • Patch Doctor Software to Automatically Troubleshoot Failed Patches

K12 Solutions Desktop Monitoring program can save you time, money, and many of the headaches associated with desktop maintenance. Call us today to find out how we can help you!


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