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Network Assessment

Put the expertise of K12 Solutions to work for your organization. Our professional advisors will collaborate with your IT storage administrators to prepare a comprehensive implementation plan, assess your environment and determine the optimal migration solution. A replication strategy will then be tailored to your specific business needs. Detailed implementation and data validation methods are documented for your review and approval prior to execution.

To ensure complete satisfaction with your network solutions, our trusted advisor will provide you with verification of the operational readiness of your network infrastructure. He/she will deliver clear, concise documentation outlining your new configuration; and conduct an operational handover to familiarize your staff with your infrastructure layout.


  • Completion of a proven implementation strategy based on your business needs
  • Maximum data available provided to users throughout the assessment and implementation process
  • Assurance of project completion on time and on budget
  • A Network optimization equal to the higher service quality demands of IP converged technologies
  • Elimination of the need for additional time and money for extended deployment cycles
  • Accelerated time-to-production deployment
  • Expert guidance on deploying technology
  • Transference of our knowledge to empower your business
  • Professional and certified technicians
  • Best-in-class, OS agnostic, assessment software
  • Proven service methodology and experience with satisfied customers
  • Cross-vendor solution stacks and support including HP, IBM, NEC, VMWare, OEM, Microsoft, and CA

Taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

In order to ensure that our customer's networks are ready to handle these demands, K12 Solutions offers a comprehensive set of network services that address most business network needs. Our suite of services includes:

Network Design & Optimization

At K12 Solutions, we appreciate the importance of a seamless, end-to-end business operation that extends from behind the scenes transaction processing to up-front customer servicing. We know that today's successful businesses integrate processes across corporate boundaries, within and outside the organization. We also know that these requirements can strain networks and lead to major performance issues.

We provide a blueprint to successfully deploy a new network or modify an existing one. Our comprehensive service provides implementation details to integrate new technologies into existing hardware, software, and applications and helps you to manage the technology after deployment.

We review the functional status of the existing network and provide a plan to optimize performance through problem resolution and network fine tuning.


  • A detailed analysis of the migration layout
  • Contingency planning
  • Customization of your network services strategy based on your business needs

Call us today to discuss how K12 Solutions Network Assessment Services can benefit the daily operations of your business.


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