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File and Data Backup for Schools

Schools are our seats of knowledge. Knowledge is information, and in today's environment, information has to be stored digitally, and backed up for safety. There is just too much institutional information in a school district to risk loss. An average computer network storage server may contain valuable documents that include lesson plans, grade information and transcripts, personal student information, and strategic details about school grants and special programs. It may contain highly sensitive information including payroll and personnel data, names, addresses, and social security numbers of both students and staff. The need for backup is evident—schools have three critical needs when it comes to backup:

1. Schools need to store information

2. Schools need to be able to keep that information safe

3. Administrators and authorized personnel need to be able to retrieve the data easily

Backup challenges

Schools face major challenges in establishing a proper backup system. Often, the IT infrastructure includes legacy systems, resources are limited, and IT staff is stretched to the limit. At the same time, as with any other segment, schools also face a tremendous growth curve in the volume of data, and must deal with establishing and complying with data retention policies.

What is backup?

Backup is an essential part of any enterprise, but surprisingly, many educational institutions lack a coherent backup policy. Backup isn't just storage. When you make a copy of a document in a separate part of your hard drive, or even when you keep copies in your local drive and on the server, that's not backup. Backup is a process that makes copies of files, databases and other document types to a separate, dedicated device, where it is archived, cataloged, indexed and made ready for subsequent search and retrieval. In an environment where data is especially sensitive and valuable, redundant backup will store these files in two separate media devices, usually in separate geographic locations. K-12 Solutions understands the special requirements of backup in an educational environment. We will help you create an end-to-end backup system that will meet all of your needs, including:

Establishing a backup policy and overall strategy. Creating a system that is automatic and easy to use. Integrating easy search and retrieval so backed up data can be easily restored in case of system failure. Integrating archive technology to allow for search and retrieval.

Is it expensive?

Schools are increasingly called on to do more with less—and keeping IT costs down across the board is always a priority. But keeping costs down doesn't have to mean keeping IT services down. A coherent backup system does not have to be expensive to purchase, install, or maintain. Let K-12 Solutions guide you in selecting the best software and hardware for an efficient backup system. We'll help you select a system that is both effective and affordable.

K-12 Solutions Has the Backup System For Your School We can provide you with a turn-key backup system; a complete with both hardware and software solution that which will give you full, incremental, and differential backups service. Call us today for a free initial assessment an initial appointment, to and find out how we can help your school meet your data backup challenges.


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