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Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, buildings may be damaged, transportation may be limited and communications may be at a standstill. But more than anything, what causes the greatest delays after a disaster is a disrupted IT system.

Buildings can be renovated or rebuilt, but data must stay available. In the private sector, disasters such as floods, fire or earthquake often cause a company to go out of business completely when they're not able to get up and running again quickly. Schools can't just go out of business—they have an obligation to the community to continue operating even in the worst of circumstances.

Disaster recovery is two things: It's a process, and it's the underlying technology that supports that process. On the process side, it involves things like making sure all your staff members and students are accessible, and that everyone understands what to do after a disaster. In such cases, K-12 Solutions has your back. You can count on a fast and efficient return to normalcy. An efficient disaster recovery system:

- Includes efficient backup, so you can restore your systems immediately
- Incorporates off-site data storage to ensure recovery even if the primary data storage is inaccessible
- Includes a strategy for accessing data remotely, if your main work area is inaccessible

Use Our Infrastructure

An off-site disaster recovery center is an essential part of every disaster recovery plan. If your school's data center is inaccessible, it doesn't have to mean that your data is inaccessible. We will implement a turnkey system within your own infrastructure, or will provide disaster recovery as an outsourced managed service hosted at our own K-12 Solutions DataVaulting Data Center.

K-12 Solutions Will Make Sure You're Ready K-12 Solutions, through its partnerships with leading data storage, backup, and disaster recovery vendors, will help you find a solution that meets your needs, is easy to use, and will make sure your school is ready for any disaster. Call us today for an initial discussion of how we can help you achieve your school's disaster recovery goals.


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