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Onsite Backup

Data backup is vital to any school environment and K-12 Solutions' data backup solutions for both onsite and offsite storage will make sure your school's data is always available, under any circumstances.

Onsite backup can be an important first step, and a major component of your backup strategy. K-12 Solutions will guide you in creating your strategy, and selecting the best software and hardware to meet your goals

Our approach

There are a lot of backup vendors out there, but backup is not a commodity. Backup in an educational environment is different from any other industry, and every organization has unique requirements. We are a vendor-neutral provider, and are authorized partners with all tier-one providers. Our approach is to work closely with you and make recommendations that will work best for your school, and which will meet those specific needs.

Backup getting out of control?

K-12 Solutions has an answer. Public and private schools, school districts and other educational institutions often face a dilemma. Budget limitations and an overburdened IT staff (or no IT staff at all! ) mean backup solutions are often out of date, and data may not be getting backed up as often as it should.

You CAN have state-of-the-art onsite backup, without having to overspend your budget—and without having to bring on new IT staff you can't afford. K-12 Solutions will bring in technology like data deduplication on disk, which overcomes some very common problems—like slow backup, arrays filling up too quickly, or a lack of disaster recovery protection.

Call us today

Give us a call today for an initial discussion of how we can help you achieve your onsite backup goals. Regardless of your budget and staffing levels, or how great your challenges may be, we can help you create a backup strategy for success.


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