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Online Backup

Despite one's best efforts, data does sometimes get lost. It may be due to a server crash, a disaster, software problem, or malicious activity—but regardless of the cause, lost data can spell disaster for schools. Too often, schools have very limited IT resources, and may not adhere to best practices. It may be difficult to do daily backups when there is no IT staff, and some schools may not store backups in a redundant offsite location due to perceived budget limitations. But the fact is, when the loss occurs, if you're not prepared, it's going to cost you.

Backup in the Cloud—An Alternative

The biggest question in backup is, where do you back up data to? Backing up a file to your own hard drive is no backup at all. Backing up to an in-house storage server does provide some protection, but disaster preparedness usually mandates an off-site storage solution as well. K-12 Solutions has another alternative that is perfect for schools. Online backup, often referred to as "cloud-based backup", is often discussed but seldom understood. It has come to be recognized as an efficient, secure, and affordable way to achieve full and easily accessible backup, without the burden of in-house data backup management.

Where is the Data?

Where your data is being stored is obviously a major concern. It's very common to misinterpret the nature of online backup, and simply refer to it as backup "on the Internet" or "in the cloud." While the Internet plays a major role—data is transferred securely over an Internet connection—data is actually stored in K-12 Solutions' "Solutions Vault," a highly secure data center.

What Is K-12 Solution's Online Backup Solution?

Our Solutions Vault was designed specifically with schools in mind. We meet every single need, including:


– You can rest assured that your data is safe and secure, and all data is encrypted and access is rigorously controlled. Our backup systems accommodate the regulatory compliance requirements of publics schools and governments organizations.

Full redundancy

– Two offsite copies are made to guard against any incidence of data failure.

Easy recovery

– We use full RAID storage, providing for quick recovery of your data, when you need it.

Easy to use

– You won't need dedicated IT staff to manage your data storage!

Call K-12 Solutions for Data Backup Protection

Our DataVaulting solution will keep pace with your school system as it grows. You can count on us to provide data backup that provides full protection, easy access and integration with your disaster recovery and archiving solutions. Call us today for a discussion of how we can help achieve your school's data backup goals. No matter what your budget, we will help form a strategy and implement the best technology for success.


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