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Email Archiving Solution for Schools

1 K12 Solutions offers an all-in-one solution for email archiving, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, and cross-platform migration. K12 Solutions can help schools cut costs, boost user productivity, comply with government-mandated storage requirements and reduce the cost and hassle of the legal discovery process. With the explosive growth of in the amount of email and other digital communications that need to be legally retained, K12 Solutions delivers secure and direct access to archived data and a powerful set of eDiscovery features that allow for quick responses to stringent legal and internal discovery requirements to protect schools from expensive compliance fines and lawsuits.

Archiving Solution

K12 Solutions provides schools with a universal policy-based archive system that leverages your existing email storage environment for quick search, retrieval and discovery of email messages.

Our solution automates the e-mail archiving and retrieval process to manage schools’ rapidly growing volume of electronic information to reduce the cost and hassle of the legal discovery process. On-demand access, automatic backup, and fast, easy recovery of message data reduce complexity and boost user productivity; seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Live@edu cloud service.

eDiscovery Solution

4 K12 Solutions offers a complete eDiscovery solution, giving schools the ability to collect, process, search, analyze and review electronic documents and data from disparate systems.

Drastically reduce the effort and cost of eDiscovery associated with legal proceedings and regulatory matters, with powerful tools to quickly classify, tag, redact, index and hold sensitive documents. With full workflow and robust reporting capabilities built-in, you can easily set alerts to inform you of actions performed on inventoried data while providing a complete audit trail of all activity in real time

Migration Solution

K12 Solutions delivers complete end-to-end migration capabilities that take the extreme hassle and error out of platform migration.

K12 Solutions is platform independent and the same code can be used for all major platforms, greatly easing transition headaches by facilitating any upgrades or platform migration. Consultancy to advise school administrators on what historical data needs to be migrated to ensure compliance.

Compliance Solution

Compliance is not only the Federal, State and local rules and statutes, but it also includes education specific requirements by region, and policy. K12 Solutions provides schools with the archiving and eDiscovery tools to comply with the specific compliance issues facing them.

Compliant with all major statutory regulations (FRCP, HIPPA, FOIA, etc.) Configurable retention policies

Email Archiving Solution for Schools


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