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Why Consider Print Management Solution for you school?

Managed Print Services will save you at least 20% of your total printing costs and save you valuable time in the process!

The Problems …

How many hours do you spend keeping your printer environment working efficiently?

How much do you spend on printer supplies each month?

Are you dealing with multiple vendors for your prints needs?

K12 Solutions Print Management Solution provides better answers to these questions and eliminates your print environment headaches.

IT Benefits:4

  • Time–Allow your IT resources to focus on key business objectives and leave printer headaches, maintenance, and consumables to us
  • Automatic supplies fulfillment eliminates device downtime & unnecessary inventory
  • Our flexible, staged implementation makes the process easy

Financial Benefits:

  • Turn rising variable printing costs into lower fixed costs
  • Consolidate vendors and contracts to streamline the accounts payable process and gain purchasing power
  • Simplify supply management control and increase productivity and efficiency
  • Eliminate high per-call service charges and delayed break-fix processes
  • Low, predictable payments with no capital investment

When it comes to purchasing printers, most schools are anything but organized. Printers are purchased in a wide variety of ways: centrally, departmentally and individually. Most users haven’t a clue as to how many prints they are making. When it comes to supplies and repairs, most rely upon secondhand knowledge or the closest vendor down the street.

K12 Solutions is vendor neutral and will help you control your printing costs by keeping an accurate, up-to-the-minute meter read that is accessible to you 24/7. In addition, it will alert you to repairs, low supplies, and keep you informed as to which printers are swallowing your financial resources.

K12 Solutions will allow you to accumulate historical information that may not be currently available when a user purchases an inexpensive inkjet printer, puts it on the desktop and starts printing, most do not realize the cost per copy is many times more than actually has been represented by the reseller. They also may not be aware of low cost alternatives that could save you thousands.

K12 Solutions puts powerful data at your fingertips, allowing you to make the decision as to what is most cost effective.

What will our Print Management Solution be able to accomplish?

As mentioned, K12 Solutions Print Management Solution is vendor-neutral software. Simply put, it is a software interface that will go out on your network and find IP-addressed copiers and printers and record the number of prints your organization is actually making. It is up to the minute at any given time. It will keep track of per-page costs and supplies usage and allow you to identify those areas that need to be monitored and hardware that needs to be replaced.

What is needed to get our Print Management solution operational?

This print management software will capture printer ID, model numbers, serial numbers, and page counts for Monochrome and color pages, and alert you by e-mail when supplies are low or repairs need to be made. All you need to get started is the IP address and model number for each printer and copier you want to track.

Your printing costs account for up to 6% of your total spending. K12 Solutions Print Management Solution saves you up to 20% of your current print costs.

"If it can't be measured, it can't be managed!"

Call us today for an initial consultation, to find out how we can help your school save on your printing costs.


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