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For any operation with multiple servers, virtualization has long passed the point of being just another option when considering server upgrades. In most cases the long-term benefits, cost reductions, and ease of deployment, expansion, and management make a virtualization plan the only viable option for the savvy IT manager. Not only is virtualization a much greener solution (less energy consumption now and less land-fill waste at end-of-life) but virtualization reduces the amount of time, energy and waste involved whenever a new server is required. For example: If you decide today you want to rack a new physical server, you will have to shop for and select the server. You may then have to wait for an approval process prior to cutting a purchase order. If all goes well, this process could happen within 24 hours. Allow 2 weeks for ordering and delivery, then approximately 8 man hours to un-pack, rack, and configure the new server. It could take around 16 days from decision to deployment, with a cost of $4,000.00 - $8,000.00 for implementation. You also incur the environmental impact inherent in the manufacture and delivery of the physical device, as well as the disposal of the packing materials. The same process of bringing a new server online, start to finish, for a new virtual server takes about 30 minutes (a 99% reduction in time to deploy) and if your software is processor licensed, there is very little, if any, additional cost.


One of the potential pitfalls in setting up a virtual environment is in understanding software licensing options and making the right choices for your environment. A miscalculation during implementation may prove costly in the long run. The virtualization services offered by K12 Solutions are calculated to optimize implementation planning for the best long-term ROI.

Another area of concern is in assuring optimal performance combined with maximum security. K12 Solutions team of industry experts work closely with you to reduce threats to data integrity. Their function is to minimize risks of data loss and to reduce potentially productivity-sapping performance slowdowns during the server consolidation process. Our highly experienced system and storage advisors will work with you to consolidate your industry standard servers, as well as to optimize software development. These services will allow for affordable business continuity across your worldwide data centers.

Helping You Grow

Using the virtualization "methodologies and best practices" of K12 Solutions, our virtualization services will leverage VMware's virtual infrastructure software, thereby reducing your IT growing pains. Our architects will collaborate with your IT server and storage administrators to prepare a comprehensive implementation plan.

An assessment of your environment is used to determine the optimal virtualization solution. A virtualization strategy will then be customized to meet your specific needs.

Detailed implementation and service validation methods are documented for your review and approval prior to execution.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

To ensure complete satisfaction with your virtualization solution, our server and storage advisor will provide you with verification of the integrity and operational readiness of your virtualized services. Clear, concise documentation will be prepared, outlining your new configuration. Finally, an operational handover will be conducted to familiarize your staff with your new systems’ layout and function. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.


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