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K12 offers the most cost effective Wireless Solution for Schools

K12 Wireless Solution is perfect for schools on a tight budget and with limited IT staff. Partnering with K12 Solutions enables you to have a headache-free network at a fraction of the cost

From K-12 to top colleges and universities IT Managers choose K12 Wireless solution for its of use, performance and affordability, K12 Solutions’ network systems are fast, reliable and secure, yet are easy to manage – without specialized training or dedicated IT staff.

The full enterprise feature set

K12 Solutions Wireless networks are easy to use, yet fully featured for enterprises, with capabilities like RADIUS integration and intrusion detection.

Advanced features like policy firewalls and guest management are simple to setup with K12 Solutions web-based management. The all-inclusive pricing means there are no per-feature licenses, upgrade fees, or other hidden costs.

Reliable Performance

802.11n indoor and outdoor access points provide high performance across large areas – classrooms, auditoriums, outdoor spaces, and housing. Self-configuring, self-optimizing access points with top of the line hardware support high-bandwidth wireless applications with less hardware and minimal setup.

Save a chunk on your budget

Traditional controllers are often the most costly component of a wireless network - even before factoring in maintenance, support, and the value of your time. K12 Solutions offers hosted controller architecture eliminates the cost and complexity of on-site controllers, providing highly-available, scalable centralized management at a fraction of the cost.

Multi-Media Savvy

Ethernet-like 802.11n performance and easy-to-use Quality of Service (QoS) features bring multimedia- including voice and high definition video – into the classroom without the wires. K12 Solutions enables your school multimedia access anywhere, anytime.

Web-Based Central Management

K12 wireless solution uses a browser-based cloud controller that lets you administer networks from any web browser. From schools across a district to remote campuses and student housing, you can monitor and manage your wireless networks and support users remotely, without on-site IT staff.

Intuitive Access Control

Be it 802.1x authentication with Active Directory, Single Sign On with Google Apps accounts, or splash pages for visitors, access control policies can be set quickly and easily – with no specialized training and no hassle.

Fast Deployment

When you plug in the access point, it automatically connects to the Cloud Controller over the web, downloads its configuration, and joins your network. As a result, the deployments take hours — not days or weeks.

Top of the line Access Points

With enterprise-class chipsets, hardware-accelerated encryption, and Priority Voice QoS, The 802.11n APs deliver Ethernet speed without the wires. Each AP is constantly monitored and optimized from the cloud, so the network automatically adapts to changing interference conditions.

Multi-radio, multi-channel mesh routing and automatic mesh failover offer fault tolerance, and provide fast coverage in hard-to-wire areas.

Constant improvements, free

Automatic cloud-based optimization and monitoring, and intelligent, self-healing APs keep the network fast, reliable, and hassle free.

Erate Compliance

K12 wireless solution is compliance with Erate which allow schools to save a lot of money on purchasing wireless network equipment.

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